Cybersecurity for your Cloud, office and employees

Our mission and vision

Our mission is to help businesses in regard to information security an privacy with professional and affordable services and support.

The vision we have to realize our mission is by carefully selecting our services, partners and suppliers within our portfolio. With this we do not only look at the price, but also at security, stability and scalability of every part of the platform. Scalability is important, because when your business grows or shrinks, it is nice that your technological solutions, and with it the costs, grow or shrink along.

With this approach we make sure that the right services are tailor made, securely delivered without any unforeseen costs. And we do this for any type of business, from a small to a medium business, and for large companies. And that’s why you get exactly what u need, and can we do our profession with love and passion.

Our 3 values

Within Digicy.Cloud we always work on the basis of our 3 core values and we do that both within our own organization, as well as towards the outside world. When we may welcome you as our customer, we do that always with our values.


Honesty and transparency

With us you can always expect honesty and transparency, including about what we can and what we cannot do. We want to achieve a longstanding corporation, and that can be only based on mutual trust.

Carefree by passion

We stand for you doing your business without worry, and that is only possible when we take our responsibility for your digital tools seriously. We do that with passion and love for our profession.

Security first

Security is for our platform and your business very important. That is why we put security on front, to counter digital threats heads on. With us security and privacy are first class citizens.

Our certifications

And we reinforce our core values with an extensive portfolio of certifications!

Our services

We deliver the following services, completely tailor made, for your organization. Based on your needs, questions or challenges we help your business to achieve the best solution possible.

In addition, we can offer all services that do not require a physical office visit internationally. We have experience with both national and international customers.

a secure workplace & e-mail

Malware protection

Professional protection against viruses, ransomware, and malware based on Sophos InterceptX. Sophos investigates your systems based on system-behavior, and everything that is found malicious, will quickly be analyzed and cleaned.

After all, a safe Cloud-experience starts on your own workplace!

Mobile protection

Sophos Mobile also provides protection against viruses and malware for the mobile workplace. Based on scanning for viruses and checks in a safe configuration, the health of the mobile workplace is kept in perfect condition!

Finally, a secure Cloud experience also applies to the mobile workplace!

E-mail security

Professional e-mail security delivered by Mimecast. Mimecast provides one of the best protection against spam and malware that enter your organization via e-mail. In addition, it also offers top protection against phishing, CEO fraud, data leaks and more.

From now on you can click a link with peace of mind!

insight into and awareness of cyber risks

Phishing Training

Through targeted training campaigns with Sophos Phish Threat, we help you test your company and become more aware of the dangers of phishing and how to safely deal with it. This prevents damage to your company caused by phishing and other dangers via e-mail.

Enable your employees to become the first line of your company’s Cyber-defense!

Cybersecurity Risk Rating

With Cybersecurity Risk Rating you are able to not only monitor yourself, but also your suppliers and partners. It also gives a good view on the cyber risks associated with acquisitions and mergers. This insight can also help to obtain, or provide, Cyber insurances and compliance with guidelines from regulators.

From now on insight and control regarding the status of your cyber risks!

DMARC reporting

With the help of DMARC Analyzer you can more easily detect and block malware and phishing attacks via email. You also increase your e-mail deliverability, which is good for commerce! Through insight into email flows you can see and solve problems easily and quickly.

Insight into your email flow not only increases security, but also deliverability!

security assessments & advice


Security assessments

We are experienced and trained in conducting investigations and security tests in the field of safety, privacy, and Internet and social media. For example, think of finding vulnerabilities in your environment, website, e-mail or even employees. And those weaknesses enable hackers to breach your defenses and thus entering your business. Of course we do not only find weaknesses and vulnerabilities, we also help you with solutions!

Together we will improve the security and safety of your business and employees.


Sometimes you just want advice, especially advice that is sincere and honest. Just a fresh look on a given issue, challenge or question. Because, are your IT assets sometimes hindering your services to your customers? Or are you struggling with that one supplier that does not want to help you to move to the Cloud? Or a situation with which you get the feeling to be charged unreasonable high? That is where we can also help you with!

Do not wait too long and engage us as your source of honest and expert advice!

Presentations and workshops

Do you want a workshop on Phishing, Social Engineering or Hacking? Would you like a presentation on a Cybersecurity or Cloud-topic? Much is possible with us. Whether it is a workshop, seminar or conference, we can tell our story anywhere and to anyone. And the topic can be about something on the Cloud, Security, Privacy,our technological future or probably that one specific topic you are looking for.

Curious about our story? Reach out to us immediately!

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