About us

We are Hans, Maarten and Joram and with the three of us we have founded our company Digicy.Cloud on May the 18th of 2018.

This idea was born during our hackers adventure in Las Vegas, the United States of America. We were all three participating in the training “Advanced practical Social Engineering”. And we have followed this training course at the world’s largest hackers conference called Blackhat! We discovered that our shared vision and collaboration is very good. Our norms and values are also in line with each other. And finally, each of us could also bring something unique in to our company.

With the three of us, we are a powerful team that can handle almost any IT and Cloud issue!

Hans Minten

Hans Minten

Director and Co-founder

Since the beginning of my career, which started about 20 years ago, it has always been my dream to be work in the area of hacking and security.

Over the years I have had several responsibilities. These include positions such as a Servicedesk employee, programmer, installation engineer, and network specialist. As a result, I have gained a very diverse experience in the field of IT. Right now I work as a Cyber Security Analyst, also known as ethical hacker.

And now it’s time to use all this knowledge and experience for our customers. That’s why I would like to help you and your company to work both online and offline safely and securely!

Joram Teusink

Joram Teusink

Director and Co-founder

Since I was a 9 year old I have been busy with computers. What started as a hobby, has become a colorful career. I have been involved in positions such as servicedesk, systems management, Web-development, process management, and Business Continuity Planning. And finally I started first as an IT Security Specialist and later as an Information Security Officer.

All my knowledge and experience is obviously solidly substantiated with a diversity of education, training and certifications. This set of trainings includes Bachelor in Computer Science, Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Ethical hacking, Social Engineering and Open Source and Social Media Intelligence.

My curiosity and interest is also very broad. And this goes from Technology to Security and from Privacy to Artificial Intelligence. And that’s what I’ll be bringing to you, when you become a customer with us.

Maarten Minten

Maarten Minten

Director and Co-founder

From my time in High School I already knew that I wanted to work in IT. Unfortunately, it was not yet possible to follow an IT training as it is possible now. Therefore, step by step I started learning and doing more and more, resulting in that pretty much every discipline has been touched. From Servicedesk employee, to Application Engineer and from System Administrator to Team Lead. But one thing has always received my full attention all these years. And that’s the profession of Cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity is a field whose necessity was, and is, very underestimated. In any way, I think cybersecurity should be an integrated part of any organization, both large and small. And that is not only to protect the customers, but also the staff and the company itself.

I have done many courses ranging from Security Foundations, to CISSP, Ethical hacking and Security Testing. I have also been highly trained in Human intelligence (Humint), Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), Social Media Intelligence (SOCMINT) and Social Engineering.

And all my knowledge and expertise are now available to you as our customer via Digicy.Cloud.


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Digicy.Cloud B.V. was founded by Joram Teusink (Teusink.eu Holding B.V. – 71685758), Hans Minten (Hans Minten B.V. 71684417) and Maarten Minten (Maarten Minten B.V. 71684395).

Registered trademarks of Digicy.Cloud B.V. are Digicy.Cloud, Digicy.Secure, Digicy.Human, Digicy.Home, and Digicy.Office.