Honesty and transparency is one of our three core values. And saying that we are honest and transparent is one, but doing so is a another. On this page we therefore will do what we say we do. And that is being honest and transparent.

Our website and e-mail

Safety is paramount, that is what we are saying that we are doing. That means we have to do this ourselves as well. Below you will find an overview of security tests and our explanatory notes on them.

Secure connection

A secure website starts with a secure connection. That is why we are putting everything in place to take all the security measures that we can. therefore gives our website a score of 100%.

Secure website

We have also done the necessary configurations in the area of our web-servers. Not only the website and connection must be secure, but also the platform it is running on.

High-Tech Bridge therefore gives our website a whopping score of an A+.

Secure headers

Our website has a set of well-configured Security Headers. This means that the webbrowser can take specific security measures to ensure that our website cannot be misused to mislead you.

Security Headers therefore gives our website a score of an A.

Encryption guaranteed

We comply with the so-called HSTS preload status. With this, all modern web browsers know that our website should always be visited via HTTPS (encryption). So when someone breaks into your connection, the traffic cannot be diverted.

HSTS preload therefore indicates that our status for HSTS preload is allowed .

Robust encryption

Our website has a strong and modern encryption standard! This means that the connection between your computer and our server is in a robust way encrypted.

Qualys SSL Labs therefore gives our website a score of an A+.

Secure email traffic

In addition to a secure website, secure e-mail traffic can obviously not be missing. That’s why we do everything we can to keep our e-mail traffic secure with all our customers and suppliers. However, we are in consultation with our partner to have some improvements implemented. therefore gives our e-mail environment a score of 61%.

Responsible Disclosures

Ethical hackers make a great contribution to the digital security of our society. In addition to having a procedure to report found vulnerabilities, we also want to say more here about the results we have achieved with it.

Hacker Hall-of-Fame

  • 2019/06/03 – AsimDenial Of Service via CVE-2018-6389 exploitation – no patch by WordPress – applied compensating controls

Dataleaks and requests

Security is one of course, but privacy is another. Here we communicate transparently and honestly about all our dataleakages, and the number of data requests that are made by, for example. law authorities.

# data-leaks: 0

Fortunately, we have not had any data-leak yet! Whenever we discover or get a data-leak notified, we will of course handle this with diligence.


# data-leaks reported to AP: 0

Because we have not had any data leakages, we have not had to report any data-leaks to the authority for personal data.

# data-leaks reported to customers: 0

Because we have not had any data leakages, we have not had to report any data leakages to the affected customers.


# number of requests by legal authorities: 0

We have not yet had any legal requests regarding to any of our customers.

# number of requests met by legal authorities: 0

Since we have not yet received any legal requests, we have not yet been required to assess them.