Cybersecurity Risk Rating
with SecurityScorecard

Insight into Cyber Security Risks helps you to keep your organization secure, it helps you to have a clear view of the security of your suppliers and partners and can help you to obtain or provide a Cyber Insurance policy.

Notable possibilities

With the help of SecurityScorecard you create insight into the not only your own risks, but also that of your partners and suppliers. Risks are mapped in the area of network, endpoint and application security, but also on IP reputation, data leaks and hacker forums.

Use case: Self-assessment

SecurityScorecard helps you to map your cyber risks. This gives you a good picture of what the hacker also sees. And the vulnerabilities that SecurityScorecard finds are also vulnerabilities that hackers can find. Companies with strong scores are less susceptible to security incidents and data leaks. And with this you protect not only the data of your customers, but also your brand reputation and company.

Strengthening starts with insight, and that starts with us.

Use case: Vendor Risk management

Supplier risk management is also called Vendor Risk Management. With this you create insight into the cyber risks of your partners and suppliers in exactly the same way as you do for yourself. Because when you conclude a processor agreement with a supplier, do they really have the security in order? Or is it unwise to exchange personal information with them?

Prevent surprises, and really know how your suppliers are rated!

Use case: Cyber insurance

You are an insurer and provide insurance to your customers. Or you may want to purchase a cyber-risk insurance yourself and want to show the insurer that you are doing well. SecurityScorecard provides a solid insight based on whether or not a cyber insurance can be issued. It can also indicate to which aspects of the GDPR, ISO and PCI you are compliant.

Do not take unnecessary risks with the insurance of cyber risks.

Use-case: Mergers and acquisitions

SecurityScorecard helps you not only with suppliers, but also with merger partners and acquisitions. Bad scores may be an indication that more things are not in order. And this can influence the position in negotiation. Make sure you are not faced with surprises with potential high repair costs.

Know your future merger partner and ensure that the merger or takeover is transparent.

Use-case: Regulators

When your company is supervised by a regulator, they often also have guidelines in regard to the state of your cyber security. With SecurityScorecard you can give a clear answer. Based on trend reporting, you can also show the scores of your organization over time and the measures you have taken to resolve the findings.

Be well prepared for guidelines from your regulators.

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