E-mail security
with Mimecast

Professional e-mail security delivered by Mimecast. This solution provides the best protection against spam, malware, phishing and all sorts of other malicious things that can come to you via email.

Notable possibilities

We communicate a lot via e-mail. And in all those emails there might be by GDPR protected personal data. That is why it is important to choose a professional e-mail security solution as a business. In addition to protecting you from spam, phishing and malware, our solution can even solve your archiving issues.

Anti-spam and anti-malware

With the help of advanced Cloud technology we are going to attack spam, viruses and phishing. In addition, we recognize not only known spammers, but also new spammers. Therefore, you do not have to worry about any this with this service! And any emails that have malicious intentions? We block it completely and fully automatically.


Hackers who send phishing emails are getting smarter. It is therefore important that there are good detection mechanisms that can quickly recognize and block “occurring as someone else”! Our service takes care of this, again with Mimecast’s Cloud technology.

Make sure the phisher phishes behind the net!

URL protection

A URL is another word for a link to a website. After all, malicious links can also be added in e-mails to infect your computer. All those links in all e-mails are scanned for viruses and other forms of digital attacks.

This way you will not have to worry when clicking on links!



We also ensure that through SPF, DKIM and DMARC that it is much more difficult to send email on behalf of your company. Because from our own experience we know that many companies have yet to take steps in this area.

You should imagine that a hacker on behalf of [email protected] launches a scam campaign to your unsuspecting customers!

High available

The e-mail security environment is high availabe, including redundancy and back-ups. For example, the service is almost always available and disruptions can always be repaired quickly. This service also handles temporary disruptions to your e-mail environments in order to ensure that you do not miss e-mail.

Optional: Archiving

The e-mail security environment can also provide a solution for archiving in a professional and certified manner. Do you have retention periods that also apply to your e-mail flow? Then this archiving module is the solution for your problem.

Your solution for many years of archiving e-mail, completely disconnected from your chosen e-mail solution.

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