We also provide lectures and training for all kinds of target groups. Depending on your needs, we can keep the reading general or go into the depth. And this applies to all kinds of audiences.

Notable possibilities

Whether it be workshops, seminars or conferences, we can tell our story everywhere for all kinds of audiences. And whether the subject is Cloud, Security, Privacy or our technological future, it does not matter. Below you can read about the possibilities in regard to lectures and workshops.

Workshops and lectures

We can organize workshops and lectures for smaller audiences. Think of workshops in areas such as protecting yourself online, hacking and digital research. But we can also provide practical guest lectures in education or give a presentation for employees of your company or institution.

It is also possible that we provide a question-and-answers session on a, for example, college in addition to a lecture. Students can then ask questions about related topics. And with so much knowledge in one room, it is for sure that we ourselves learn something new also!

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Conferences and meetings

You take the grand approach and host an event or conference in the field of Cloud, Security or Privacy. Or perhaps you host an event for a specific target group where you want the Cloud, Security or Privacy topics to be part of. The setting does not really matter, because we can provide a fun and informative presentation for every situation.

Consider, for example, a conference on Cyber security. We certainly have something to say on that one! Or just a conference for SMBs, where we can provide practical information about digital security for SMBs. The subject can be as deep or broad as you want.

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