Malware protection
with Sophos

Professional protection against viruses, ransomware, and malware using Sophos Central Cloud. Sophos investigates your systems based on system-behavior, and everything that is found malicious, will quickly be analyzed and cleaned.

Notable possibilities

You can purchase professional and affordable malware and virus protection from us. The beauty of this environment is that the analysis work is done in the Cloud and your computers are therefore better protected. And they are not only protected against known attacks, but also due to advanced detection methods protected against unknown attacks.

And in the meantime we look with you in your environment to quickly recognize and stop threats!

Strengthen your system

By keeping an eye on data traffic and, among other things, the USB ports, Sophos ensures that any infection is either prevented or cleaned immediately afterwards.

Stop the attack

There is continuous monitoring In the background for malware attacks such as ransomware. These attacks are immediately recognized and automatically stopped.

Windows, macOS, Linux

Sophos feels at home on all known operating systems for both desktops and servers. Windows, macOS (OSX) and Linux are therefore all part of the Sophos arsenal!

Optional: Behavioral analysis

Advanced behavioral analysis of the system using Deep Learning technology in the Cloud ensures that unwanted applications and exploits are immediately recognized and stopped.

This option recognizes both known and unknown malware. The ideal protection against the latest forms of malware and cryptoware.


We watch with you

Of course we keep a watchful eye to ensure that the protection is at 100%. If you want that at least. And if there is something wrong with you, you will hear from us and we help with resolving it. So you do not have to worry about digital infections anymore.

You will not see this level of service at other companies!

We help to migrate

Do you want to migrate your current Sophos environment to the new and modern Sophos Central Cloud? That is in fact our specialty. We have experience with both new and existing environments and can therefore be of excellent service.

Do not wait too long and quickly enjoy the new Cloud capabilities of Sophos!

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