Mobile protection
with Sophos

Professional protection against viruses, ransomware, and malware based on Sophos Central Cloud for your mobile devices. Sophos examines your smartphone or tablet and everything that is found that is malicious is cleaned up immediately.

Notable possibilities

With us you can purchase professional and affordable malware and virus protection for your mobile devices. This is also called Mobile Device Management (MDM for short). With MDM you have control over your devices and you ensure that your employees can work safely.

And in the meantime we look with you in your environment to quickly recognize and stop threats!

App controle

By scanning the apps Sophos ensures that the mobile device is not infected with malware. It is also possible to restrict apps or specifically allow them.

Strengthening your security

By monitoring the web traffic, unwanted apps, phishing attacks and compliance, it is ensured that you can work safely. Wherever and whenever you want.


Sophos feels at home on all known operating systems for the smartphone, tablet and laptop. Windows 10, iOS, macOS (OSX) and Android are therefore all supported.

Centralized management

Whatever device it is, where it is in the world or whatever happens, everything can be viewed from a central console in the Cloud. Get rid of all different and complex management software. Be in control of your belongings from now on.

And you can do this yourself, or get us involved!


We watch with you

Of course we keep a watchful eye to ensure that the protection is at 100%. If you want that at least. And if something is wrong somewhere you will immediately hear from us. So you no longer have to worry about insecure mobile devices.

You will not see this level of service at other companies!

Screenshot Sophos Mobile Control Dashboard

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