Phishing Test & Training
with Sophos

Full featured phishing test and training solution to train your employees in recognizing phishing attacks via e-mail. By means of targeted campaigns with Sophos Phish Threat we help your company to become more aware of the dangers of phishing and how to deal with it safely.

Notable possibilities

So we can help you increase the awareness in the field of phishing. By means of a set of different types of campaigns, which can be completely adapted to any needs, we examine how vulnerable your employees are. Naturally, we also provide the necessary information and training tools to increase the awareness.

Make a first line defender of your ‘vulnerable’ employee today!

Various campaigns

There are many different campaigns possible to test and improve the skills of your employees. Think of phishing tests to investigate whether your employee clicks, or provide their login details or even supply other data.

In this way we can offer campaigns that fit your company’s objective!


Training and information

In addition to testing and research, we also offer resources for training purposes and the necessary information. While your employee is being tested, we can also make him or her aware in the field of phishing.

In this way we can help your employee to increase their digital awareness in the field of phishing via e-mail.


Extensive reporting

Of course we also offer extensive reports. Think of overviews of how many employees have taken part, how much the phishing has not been recognized and other relevant information about the campaign.

These reports give you insight into the success of the campaign and you can decide whether you want to set up an additional campaign.

Screenshot Sophos Phish Threat Dashboard

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